Powering Trust

We're leveraging the latest innovations in social and interest graphs to unlock the future of decentralized systems.

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Driving Confidence

We're building trust graphs to contextualize your on-chain activities and bring you closer to the people you're interacting with online.


Your community

The people closest to you know you best. We're bringing a recommendations engine to connect your individual on-chain identity to the people you are connected with online.


More connection

We're bringing global tribes together by empowering you to establish a relationship with the people you already share close on-chain activity with.


Doing better

Recommendations can instill trust in the decisions you make on-chain. We're enabling you to enhance your decision-making by understanding what the people you share connections with are doing, enabling you to make better on-chain decisions.

Here's How


Marcus AM

Marcus is a researcher and builder from Guatemala. He's been involved in the crypto ecosystem for nearly a decade, working with leading DAOs, ReFi projects, communities, and DeFi protocols. A graduate of Oxford's School of Geography and the Environment, his work has spanned beyond web3 across academia, healthcare, education, fintech, and more.

Kai Jun Eer

Kai is a blockchain engineer and researcher from Malaysia. His work specializes in privacy and security in decentralized identity, where he has published papers on computable trust and reputation. A graduate of the University of Edinburgh's computer science program, he has launched and worked at a number of blockchain projects across DeFi, DIDs, and regulatory compliance.